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This rifle has all the strength of Billet and the accuracy of target
models. The free float forearm, gives the platform rigid strength
while also allowing the shooter to a lighter than benchrest model.

When ordering a STANDARD model, you have the choice of
using Chrome lined Daniel Defense barrel, or Target BHW barrel.
All standard models come with free float forearm, Magpul MOE
stock and Magpul magazines.
NO SIGHTS, is standard. We can
add Troy Ind, or Magpul sights to any rifle.
16" Standard Tactical Defense model prices start at, $1399.00
When shots count, this is the weapon for short to medium range.
We use Black Hole Weaponry Stainless Polygon rifling barrel.

They are 18" 5.56/.223 1x8 twist Target barrels. This way the
shooter can use 75 grain BTHP rounds that will devastate the
target down range. The polygon rifling aids in less fouling,
increased velocity and accuracy! We set them up with YHM
rifle length forearms, Magpul PRS precision stocks and 2 stage
For our more serious Competition shooters, we install
Geissele Automatics Target triggers, upgraded prices for these
vary depending on which trigger model.
Precision Target System model's start at $1649.00
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Our NP3 coated rifle's are the best period! When you want
the strength of billet and the performance of an OIL FREE
weapon, CAW NP3 Standard is the only option!
These include NP3 BCG, charging handle, NP3 upper & lower.

The weapon listed is D.D.16" Midlength Barrel,(1x7)or(1x9)
twist, YHM Blackdiamond rifle length forearm, Troy flash
hider, Magpul STR stock, Magpul flip sights, Ergo grip &
Mil-Spec trigger. Trigger upgrades are available!

Standard NP3 Tactical Prices start at $1897.00
            L.E. Discounts available.   
Gungnir, was a mythical weapon used by the Norse gods to destroy it's
enemies. It was Odin's magical spear that always hits its mark and
always destroys its enemy.
Gungnir means "Unwavering One" for it always hit its mark.
It was made from Yggdrasil's Sacred ash. Odin has written his magic
runes, onto Gungnir.
               Gungnir (gungk-neer)

Options & Parts
A2 Standard 16"
The C.A.W. A2 Standard is our entry level priced unit, for those who wish to start small.
**Standard Features**

(1) Our 6061 billet receiver set with adjustment screw system in the lower to aid in accuracy.
(2) Mil Spec phosphate F.A. BCG.
(3) Daniel Defense chrome bore, 1x7 twist M4 profile barrel with A2 sight base. (No rear sight)
(4) Mil Spec charging handle assembly.
(5) A2 flash hider.
(6) Mil Spec military single stage trigger group.
(7) Magpul MOE stock, forearm & grip.  
 A2 Standard starts at $1289.00
                *We use commercial stock kit, unless mil spec is requested*
                           Also included is a Bulldog Tactical carry case
For any upgraded parts, please look at our parts page. We can also install Precision trigger
or a 3 gun match ready one too! Thanks for visiting.