Billet Rifle Works
(423) 290-1799
Nickel Teflon
$499.00 a set.
Black Anodized
$415.00 as shown.
Nickel Teflon,(NP3) is a coating that is slicker than
chrome and when all parts internally are coated
and placed in  the weapon, it is a oil free weapon!
Inside view
Custom Rifles
C.A.W. 6061 Billet Receivers with Integral
trigger guard. These also have an internal   
tension adjustment for the upper/lower. All
are milled, which is stronger than forged!
Receiver sets in black Anodized : $ 415.00
Forward assist, shell deflector & dust cover
are standard. Nickel Teflon,
$ 499.00
Pictograph Markings
for Fire/Safe
5.56 & 300 BLK