The "Gungnir" is outfitted with the Industry's best parts.
>6061 Billet receivers, W/ NP3 Coating,& NP3 F.A. BCG as well.
>NP3 Charging handle with tac latch.
>Daniel Defense C.H. Forged, 1x7 chrome bore barrel.
>Magpul  M.O.E Stock &  pistol grip.
>Troy Ind. Folding sights, HK front & DOA, Di-optic rear!
>Troy Ind. Muzzle brake. (Q.D suppressor mounts, EXTRA!)
We can build this weapon from10.3"-20"(NFA Rules Apply)

Prices start at
$1949.00 for NP3 rifles.  Sales (423)290-1799
The New kid on the block is the 300 Blackout round.
When using 208 or 220 grn.bullets, this weapon is easily
from SBR lengths. We use custom barrels from Black
Hole weaponry. These are 3 groove polygon rifling to aid
in less fouling and increased accuracy. We can build
weapons from
8.5" - 20". Leads times for these barrels varies.

300Blackout Prices start at
$1399.00,No sights
(423) 290-1799
         (423) 290-1799
Four shot group @ 70 yards, function test! This was the result.
9.5" 300BLK Target Model
10.3" 5.56 w/ a Todd Jarrett forearm
Our NP3 rifles are  made from solid blocks of 6061 Billet and turned
into the tools that have the strength & durability of the  weapons used
by the Mythical gods.

The Gungnir, was a mythical weapon used by the Norse gods to
destroy it's enemies. It was Odin's magical spear that always hits its
mark and always destroys its enemy. Gungnir means "Unwavering
One" for it always hit its mark. It was made from Yggdrasil's Sacred
ash. Odin has written his magic runes, onto Gungnir.
Gungnir      (gungk-neer)
     A2 Standard
Precision Rifle Model
We wanted to offer customers with different price options
when purchasing our custom builds.
This is why we have our entry level A2 Standard rifle. This
model has a Daniel Defense Cold Hammer forged barrel,
chrome bore in either 1x7 -1x9 twist.
They also have Mil-Spec trigger pack, Magpul MOE furniture
standard charging handle, and standard black bolt carrier
group, along with our 6061 flat top billet receiver set.

Prices start at
Shown W/ Magpul STR Stock $1344.00
*These rifles are built to you order and lead times vary*
SBR Rifle Length's 7" - 14.5"  (10.3" Shown)
Here is the O.D.M. With a Todd Jarrett forearm.
* Officer*
* Duty*
* Model*
This model has either 10.3" - 7" , 5.56/.223 barrel.
It comes equipped  with the following standard options,
-Mil spec trigger group
-A2 grip
-Magpul MOE Stock, Commercial or Mil spec.
-Magpul magazine
-A2 flash hider
-Standard charging handle   (Upgrades available)
8" 300 Blackout
NP3 Rifles are truly
oil free weapons!